‘Sea Warriors ‘


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Marcin Ciura has made a map of Europe’s most common occupational surnames.

The 40-year-old software engineer, from Krakow, created it after he found the most common English and Polish surnames are derived from the same profession.

The UK Independent reports:

“In northern European countries, surnames derived from the word for ‘miller’ are the most prevalent, while there are clusters for ‘landowner’ and ‘priest’ in central and eastern Europe respectively.”

The most common occupational surname in Ireland meanwhile? It is derived from the word for ‘sea-warrior’. Classic Ireland.”


Read how Marcin did it here

Also: Skinner?

This great map shows you Europe’s most common occupational surnames (The Independent UK)

H/T: Gary Murphy

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17 thoughts on “‘Sea Warriors ‘

  1. Rob_G

    “The most common occupational surname in Ireland meanwhile? It is derived from the word for ‘sea-warrior’. Classic Ireland.

    – the cheek! I have a good mind to lay waste to their coastal areas and carry their people off as slaves.

    1. Tony

      Good man Laughter. The oul ‘why didn’t they eat fish during the Famine?’ troll. Good luck reelin’ em in!

      1. Koya

        That (See Claddagh Fleet) and that fish was a luxury at the time. Fishing required a level of capital investment in equipment that was impossible for the starving. Enough food was being exported to feed a population of up to 19 million at the time though.

        1. Zarathustra

          Leaving the above comments aside, archaeological excavations throughout Ireland from the Early Neolithic period and through subsequent ages, attest to our preference of large game over fish, and this includes evidence from sites near or on rivers/ lakes etc… Surprisingly, we’ve never really been avid consumers of fish, which is unusual considering we’re on an island.

  2. Jake38

    From Sea Warriors to neutrality, triple locks, peacekeeping, anti war campaigns, and other delusional trendy piffle. Where did it all go so wrong?

    1. ahjayzis

      A few hundred years of military occupation turned the population against militarism, mebbe?

      Although given how militaristic this 2016 lark is looking, someone needs to tell the government!

  3. Mikeyfex

    The prevalence of the name isn’t a testament to how good they were at what the name stands for. It suggests something else entirely.

  4. Skerries

    The reason Smith is so prevalent is because they were never in battle but in the background making the weapons for said wars

    so they got all the girls and were able to make the chastity belts as well :D

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