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Anon writes:

‘The Times of London’s Irish edition’s sign-up page features a VERY familiar image. VERY familiar to readers of The Irish Times.’

The Times sign-up page

Manchester United second in long-ball league table (Irish Times)

5 thoughts on “Sign-Up Of The Times

  1. regista

    Are you suggesting that they’ve both licensed the same photograph from Reuters? Or that they are both using the same football reports from the Guardian?

    1. edalicious

      That and the fact that they’ve copied the page layout exactly from the IT. Check out the Nav bar under the header and the back to top button in the bottom right corner.

      1. Cluster

        It’s all a bit weird, really.

        This new arrival seem intent not to distinguish themselves from the Times (as I know it – the IT). Are they hoping to accidentally gain market share?

        The IT took their name originally from the Times & that fawning is finally coming back to haunt them almost 200 years later.

        Are there any Irish media titles with genuine global ambitions & without ‘Irish’ or ‘.ie’ in the title? Any publications with a global focus which happen to be Irish & maybe have smile focus on Ireland -like the FT or the Economist or many others with the UK or the US?

    1. Baz

      The Times as opposed to the Irish copy that masquerades as news but only delivers opinions wrapped in agendas is the only printed newspaper I pay for.
      Irish papers relay the same stories 2 weeks later wrapped and twisted to present their slant.

      I’m happy with my times sub, the IT can suck it.
      It would also be nice if the IT didn’t hide in a tax avoiding trust.

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