Do You Possess Cat-Like Reflexes?



Circle Square Game.


Ciaran Dempsey writes:

I know you don’t normally do this, but if you could give my first game a plug it would be amazing.  Circle Square Game is a casual iOS game, pretty simple concept but surprisingly tricky! To make things interesting I’ve added a challenge to the game, which is beatable once you figure out what’s going on and are determined enough.
As a reward for being the first person to beat it, I’m going to share a percentage of the net earnings (after Apple and the tax man take their cut :( ) so I’ve got to charge to make that possible. The price is still very low at only 99c.
I’ve got 15 FREE promo codes ready to give out through broadsheet. If you go to the App Store on your phone, and scroll to the bottom there is a button called “Redeem”, the is an option to Enter the code manually. Once you do that it will download the game for you and install it straight away. First come first served…


Reviews welcome below.

CircleSquareGame (Facebook)


18 thoughts on “Do You Possess Cat-Like Reflexes?

  1. isallimsaying

    Thanks Robyn, but nope – not there. I’ve screen-shot the bottom of the page, but no idea how to upload that.
    iPhone 5 running iOS 9.1. Bottom of page shows Information, Version History, Developer Website, then Developer Apps, followed by © 2015 Ciaran Dempsey, and nowt else.

    1. Ciaran

      Hey isallimsaying!

      If you go to the appstore app on your phone, without following the link it should be a t the very bottom of the screen. I haven’t upgraded to iOS 9 yet, just 8 so maybe it has changed.

      You can also try this link – iTunes Redeem Link

      If all the codes are gone message me and I will send you a code for your efforts! I really wish Apple would provide a better way to do this :)

  2. Ciaran

    Hey folks!

    Thanks for downloading, sorry the promo code redeem process is a bit cumbersome, I’m looking for a way to link directly to each code but nothing seems to work nicely.

    For now here’s a direct link to the redeem screen on itunes – iTunes Redeem Codel

    At the bottom of the screen it says ” You can also enter your code manually” so if you click that and then enter a code. I think this will only work on a mobile device, or if you have iTunes on your computer.

    Thanks, and hope you enjoy playing my little game :)

  3. isallimsaying

    Great Ciaran, Thanks.
    I tried 9 Redeem codes before one worked – I assume they’re alone now.

    As you kindly offered an extra one, I guess I’ve done some poor bugger out of his/hers.

    Thanks again.

    1. Ciaran

      No worries, glad you managed to get one anyway!

      If they are all gone I’ll see if I might post up a few more, though I do want to save some for the folks who have shared on Facebook or whatever. Anyway, if you like it be sure to spread the word

    1. Ciaran

      Haha, ahjaysiz I will be working on building it for Android and Windows in the next few weeks as well as a free version for all platforms. Hopefully it’s not too big a job :) If you like the Facebook page I’ll keep people updated and will try not to spam ye too much!

      1. ahjayzis

        Ehhh, lumping Android, the biggest and most popular, in with Windows, the least, is adding insult to injury there Ciaran!

        I shall so do, though ;o)

        1. Ciaran

          Ha fair point! No offense meant…I’m but a lowly first time developer you see, and only had an iphone for testing, going to get a loan of an android device for testing shortly. :)

          Cheers ahjayzis!

  4. Robyn

    Right. Having played it a bit I like the idea. I can train myself to quite easily look at the shape only. I am having more difficulty though, in not going too quickly. I find myself trying to anticipate the shape, or over reacting to the change, and going past the button.

    Quite a simple game on the face of it, but more of a challenge than you think. Good job!

    1. Ciaran

      Thanks for the review Robyn! Yeah definitely more challenging than you’d think, slow and steady seems to be the best technique :)

      I’m planning to update it in the next fortnight and will probably add in a few levels of difficulty in the regular game, as well as fixing some minor bugs. Thanks for the feedback, it’s always really helpful!

  5. isallimsaying

    Fair play to you. My son created his first app (a game called Agile when he was 20). He followed this up with Obscura Camera (25K downloads) a photo app, at 21 which led to an offer from Apple to join their ranks while still a student in college. Best of luck on your journey, Ciaran.

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