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  1. Eamonn Clancy

    Great use of Arts Council funding, (700k+ for 1 production a year) this is their second musical in as many years. Hopefully we get see an actual play next year.

      1. P

        Think he’s referring to the amount they get from the Arts Council each year (is it that high?). Considering it gives a substantial amount of people work, which is reasonably, but not exorbitantly paid (unlike other sectors), I don’t think it such a bad thing. The only problem I would have is when that work is granted to designers and artists that are based in London, which happens a lot. Or when printing contracts are granted to businesses based in the North. Or when large amounts of funding is assigned to office rental. But bang for buck, Irish arts investments are sound.

        1. parky mark

          Thanks for the reply. I’m with you on that. Wasn’t there an issue with the director of the Gate earning some crazy salary a couple of years ago?
          As for artists based abroad, I know a woman from Portugal, previously living here but then living in Canada, who would come back to Ireland when applying for Arts Council grants.

          1. P

            Drama follows the director of the Gate so I wouldn’t be surprised. Not surprised about that woman either, very hard to police.

    1. Diego Fasciati

      Rough Magic produced the plays “Everything Between Us” in February 2015 and “Famished Castle” in May 2015. “How to Keep an Alien” is on an Irish Tour in September/October/November 2015.

      1. bongobob

        Their award winning production “Improbable Frequency” a musical by Arthur Riordan & Bell Helicopter, played at Dublin Theatre Festival, The Abbey, The Gaiety, toured Ireland, Edinburgh Fringe, Poland and New York.

  2. irishwimmin

    Bring me back to the streets of Paris where the wimmin are refined and oh so pretty. Sexist. Yes. Truthful .Yes

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