Constance Vigilance



Sky’s article as it appeared on Tuesday (top), Eoin Neylon’s Facebook plea and how the article looks now (above)

She was crazy.

But she was our crazy.

Arthur Griffithn writes:

You may have noticed that Sky News ran a story criticizing Jeremy Corbyn for desiring to unveil a plaque to Sinn Féin’s Con Markievicz. Uachtarán Ógra Fianna Fáil, Eoin Neylon took offence and wrote a letter in defence of the founding Chairperson of FF. Sky have since changed the article.

Fair play, in fairness.

*allegedly shoots unarmed father of three in the back*

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12 thoughts on “Constance Vigilance

      1. paul m

        well they were misleading the opposition (and the rest of the country) while they were in power so perhaps he is spinning it that now they are no longer in power they are leading the opposition.

        this politics thing is a piosapis!
        i think i need to get my badge and placard and run for office.

  1. Demon

    She wasn’t in the least crazy, unless you think providing school meals for hungry Dublin kids when the Corporation wasn’t allowed to was crazy. Or fighting the world’s most poisonous empire with an army representing working people; here’s a map of the countries that have declared independence from it –

    When she died, her body was laid out in the Round Room of the Rotunda and Dubliners filled the streets coming to pass by and pay their respects to ‘Madame’.

    The portrayal of this gallant woman, and the nonsense about shooting British soldiers (who had, incidentally, unloaded machine guns from a Red Cross ambulance to bring into the Shelbourne…) is an attempt to smash down any validation of the Irish Citizen Army.

  2. The Long Fella

    Countess Markievicz was one of the last true Republicans in FF. Forget about the current bunch of sleeeeeevens. And as for Ogra [I’m joining in the hope of becoming a Parliamentary Assistant] Fianna Fail … just forget about it!

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