This Is A Fold-Up



Last night

Sweet Beat Café, Sligo writes:

Someone spotted the folks who robbed our outdoor furniture [from Sweet Beat, Bridge Street, Sligo]  last night. We’d love them back…

Put them back and we’ll say nothing.


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21 thoughts on “This Is A Fold-Up

  1. Bonzor

    Guy at the back. Is that a mullet? Or is there a woman in ridiculous heels hidden almost perfectly behind him?

    1. Annie

      It’s the notorious ThreeLegsMcNulty from over the hill. She does well in the old quick getaway department

  2. scundered

    …just a thought lads but could you remove the squares over the faces, you’re making this game too difficult for the good folk to actually want to help.

  3. Robert Cullen

    Student Day at Sligo Races was on yesterday and there were plenty of well dressed drunk students wandering around the town. Maybe ask IT Sligo Students Union to identify them.

    1. Joan Burton

      Fat lot for young students ! They could do with a bit of running around themselves never mind the horses.

  4. Cup of tea anyone

    Doubt it is a school uniform. I also see a grey suit, a black suit and a waistcoat. Not to mention the good sized heels. I would say debs and if they were still drunk when the light is coming up I am not surprised they got up to some shinanigans. Still do nice of the shop to give them a chance to come clean first. Much easier and quicker if you dont have to involve the Guards.

  5. TheQ47

    No question (in my mind) students from the IT. That picture looks like it was taken from the filling station directly opposite the college, andthey’re walking out the Hazelwood road, where many/ most of the IT students live. Given that it was student day at the races yesterday, I’d say that furniture is in Mulberry Park or Ashbury Lawns or somewhere similar.

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