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The pick  (more at link below) of the Trade Mark Applications in the past 24 hours.


Data protection/Intellectual property lawyer Brian Conroy writes:

I’ve become obsessed with checking the Trade Marks Register for the OHIM to see what applications have been filed for European Trade Marks. There is ALWAYS good stuff in there, and today was a particularly good day.

1. Watch out Smirnoff and Absolut, beacause there’s a new kid on the block! Yes, this Trade Mark Application was just filed, for ‘Derek Zoolander Blue Steel Vodka’.

2. Does this look like a different/new Heineken Bottle to you? Because Heineken just applied for this Trade Mark, and it looks like a new Heineken bottle to me.

3. I’m including this for two reasons, firstly it brings me back to my Atari 2600, when almost all the games were made by Activision, and secondly because the application was filed by the Irish arm of the company

4.If your name is Michaela, you’ll have to change your name* because it has just been Trade Marked.

5. And finally, a great name for Cat treats.

Zoolander Blue Steel Vodka, Shakira and a New Heineken Bottle – The latest European Trade Mark Applications (

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