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  1. Jack O'Chan

    This legend taught me Kenpo Karate in school about 15 years ago – I was useless but it was great fun. He used to tell us how he would do his karate moves on the dance floors of Dublin in the 70s as he was also a DJ. He would always remind us that Kenpo was the type of Karate Elvis did. Was never able to find out more about his taste in music but his Karate bio is here:

    Maurice Mahon 10th Degree Kenpo Karate Master Instructor was born in the Rathmines area of the city in Dublin 1945. He is the European Director for the American Kenpo International & Chief Instructor to the AKI European and Irish branch. He began his Martial Arts training in the Art of KENPO KARATE in 1963 at the Fitzwilliam Square Kenpo club run by Mr. John McSweeney. Maurice has 45yrs experience in the martial arts was a great friend of the Late Grandmaster Mr. John McSweeney.


  2. andydufresne2011

    My older Brother did Kenpo when he was about 16 (3rd Dan in Taekwon Do now) and he must have had a membership card for the club or something at the time. He used to show it to us, his much younger brothers and say it was a licence to kill. And we believed him.

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