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From the Rent A Room In Dublin Facebook page



Violet Rivas writes:

“Attention couples or group of friends!!!! (Available immediately)
You are looking for a place near Dublin city centre? You do not mind sharing to spend less??? This is for you!!! We have available ONE big and bright room with 2 double beds in it. Located in Harold´s Cross, Dublin 6. The room is super spacious and is for 4 people. 2 people on each bed, each person pays €350 monthly with all bills included.”

“It is a big brick house totally furnished (kitchen, washing machine, backyard patio, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) in Harold´s Cross. Only 2 profesional girls living the house at the moment. Half block away from bus stop, a few blocks from supermarkets (aldi/lidl/supervalu), around 30 min walking to city centre or 15 min by bike. Send an inbox for more details.”


Rent A Room In Dublin (Facebook)

Thanks Eileanór Nic Aodhagáin 

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45 thoughts on “Super Spacious

  1. Annie

    I for one would be cautious about sharing a house with someone who uses multiple question and exclamation marks

    1. Anomanomanom

      Am i reading that correctly €350 per person and it could be 2 people to a bed. So €1400 for that room for 4 people.

  2. newsjustin

    If there’s 4 bedrooms, two girls living there now, and they’re renting this one….begs the question…what’s in the other bedroom?

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    If a couple with 3 kids and rent allowance decide that this is better than their current hotel room….. will they be turned away?

    1. Anomanomanom

      I hope so the cost is €350 per person. Nobody on rent allowance should be getting €1400 a month.

        1. Anomanomanom

          And that’s also ridiculous. But giving €1400 a month for one room in a house is crazy. It’s a very fixable solution but there seems to be no political will to solve it. Saying that I also blame Dcc, I know of case where the women’s kids moved out and she contacted the council about moving to a smaller place. She asked since she’s willing to give up the 3 bed for a 1 bed flat could she be housed just across the road where her sister/friends are. The council refused to move her stating she can’t demand where she wants to move. So she’s now living in 3 bedroom house where the upstairs is never used and bedrooms wasted.

          1. scottser

            want to know what’s worse? if she did give it back to the council they’d remove any improvements she made to the property, including windows, kitchen units, floors, bathroom suites etc and lash the old crap back in. un be fupn lievable.

  4. Bonkers

    Hmmm am I the only one thinking that the two ‘professional’ girls have spotted a way to get other people to pay their rent? 4 x €350pm makes €1400 for a single room and they’ve still got another room spare if they want to lump another four people in there too and double their money to €2800 a month.

    Also those ‘double’ beds look suspiciously like the large airbeds that were just on sale in Aldi last week too, which is remarkable given the ad says there’s an Aldi nearby

  5. Dubloony

    €1,400 for a shared room with 3 other people, €16,800 per year. Whole new level of rental hell.

    Just one teeny weeny problem.
    The limit on rental income from rent a room is €12,000 per year.
    Anything over that and they are liable for income tax on the lot.

    1. curmudgeon

      Yep landlords know this and if they really reckoned they could get an extra 2 people on the property the would have built a dividing wall wet voila a while new room. This is purely two industrious housemates getting their rent for free.

    2. Cup of tea anyone

      It will be students renting so might just get them 8-9 months of the year. That brings it down to about 12K. Might just squeeze it in. That does cover bills also though.

      Still look at the size of the press for 4 people!!!!!

  6. BabyJesus

    Can only assume business must be booming for these two ‘Professional’ girls as they are now looking to f@*k four people at once.

  7. ahjayzis

    Those two girls each have a room of their own I’ll bet and will be paying feck all rent thanks to mugs desperate enough to take this. Nice people.

  8. curmudgeon

    Sweet at first I thought 350 each was a tad expensive but then I read that all bills were included so that’s grand, don’t want to pay extra for electricity while I’m waiting 40 mins in line for the shower. And hey if my sex life gets a bit boring I can just watch the couple in the bed next to me.

  9. Junkface

    Ha ha ha…this is hilarious. Are they trying to create a group sex brothel? This is Irish entrepreneurs at their resourceful finest. Cheeky whoores, literally

  10. Bobby

    People pay this. Students/workers from Brazil, Europe, wherever (just no Paddies)
    I know a Brazilian girl in a room with two bunk beds, 2 Mexican girls in the other bunk bed, paying €350 each.
    I know another girl who was sharing a tiny room with two single beds less than a foot apart and paying about €300 each. There was a couple living in the other room sharing a single bed. Then a Brazilian moved in and slept/lived on the couch for about 2 months. She lived there about 6 months with that arrangement.

    It’s insanity.

    1. Junkface

      Ugh! I can’t wait to emigrate. That’s a horrible way to treat immigrants/students/lower paid workers.

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