14 thoughts on “Know Your Cognitive Biases

    1. Mikeyfex

      Precisely. We are.

      And, thinking about it, this list is actually not something I’d like to see people become very familiar with. Can you imagine how tedious little arguments will get when they just descend into listing what biases the other person is displaying, and the other person refuting.

      So either everyone learn them all off and be aware when you’re showing any type of bias, without fail, like robots, or continue as you were.

      Interesting though.

    2. Caroline

      Thinking Fast and Slow is a good book with a bit more stuff on them. Although he reaches a bit, and some of them turn out to be maybe not true. Also You Are Not So Smart and that Dan Ariely guy.

      I don’t think knowledge of these will make arguing with people on the internet any less enjoyable than the pretty much zero enjoyable it already is. In a real life setting, a kick to the fork is the polite response.

  1. Lorcan Nagle

    Ironically, the example for Conservatism Bias is a case of Confirmation Bias. It was proven that the world is round in 3BC (though it did take centuries for the information to disseminate). While legend has it that Columbus travelled west to prove the Earth was round, he was actually trying to prove his favoured theory on the circumference of the planet – and he was wrong, thinking that it was smaller than it is.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Refreshingly good.
    (refreshing because of all the shared “life-hack” twaddle and psychological quotes out there).

  3. Pip

    Great stuff.
    The other interesting thing in this area is that of psychological drives or drivers – e.g. some people’s main driver is to be perfect, to agree, to solve problems and so on. Often explains why someone says of course I will, and then doesn’t show up. Quite often.

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