The Drays Just Fly By


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Jill the squirrel, rescued as a kit from Hurricane Isaac in 2012, spends her days at the Louisiana home of her owner, napping, staring out the window, being adorable and modelling accessories for her diabetes-inducing Instagram account.

It’s a hard oul’ station.


18 thoughts on “The Drays Just Fly By

  1. andydufresne2011

    I expect it’s looking longingly out the window because that’s where it wants to be: outside.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Indeed. It wasn’t the lure of the plastic pumpkins and budgies that fated the poor squirrel….it was someone’s desperate need for a furry friend. Sad.

      1. Cup of tea anyone

        It sounds like after the hurricane the squirrel was rescued and kept it alive. I doubt it has learned how to squirrel correctly and as it is already friends with the dog it will probably befriend any other pooch it meets. Which wont be a long friendship.
        To release it now would be the same as killing it.

        So should it be released?

        1. Starina

          I agree — if hand-raised from a kit, it’s conditioned to be unwary of dogs and humans, and might have weakened food-gathering skills.

          They should make him a tiny harness so he can play outside without getting lost, cos he does look pretty full of longing next to that window.

          1. Cup of tea anyone

            If they got him a unicycle and some mini bowling pins he could busk on Grafton street.

  2. ahjayzis

    Ahhhhhh GAWWWWWWD me baaaaaaaaaby!

    I’d have to quit work altogether if I had this little dote to dote on >_<

  3. Zenon

    For about 2 years i’m checking periodically all P2P trading portals that i know of, looking to buy one. They (silver/grey) are considered pets and as far as i researched one can’t release them back into the wild in Ireland. If caught you have to kill it or call for some sort of animal services to do it but they seem to be lovely pets and i’m still not sure if it’s legal to keep them at home. Red squirrels are an endangered specie so that might be a reason why nobody sells them but it’s very disappointing that i can’t get a silver one anywhere >.<

    1. Zenon

      Edit: “They (silver/grey) are considered pets” should read “They (silver/grey) are considered PESTS”

      1. pedeyw

        The grey ones are better at being squirrels and as a result are killing off the native red squirrels.

      2. Cup of tea anyone

        You cannot call them pests.
        What are they doing now that they weren’t doing before people came along and destroyed their woods and forests. If anything people are the pests.

  4. Bobby

    And let’s also not forget–let’s not forget, Dude–that keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent, for uh, domestic, you know, within the city–that isn’t legal either.

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