A Thong Of Beauty


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At Millennium Stadium in Cardiff last night.

Hick writes:

“Two bamboo sticks, €1. Three-pack of thongs in Penneys, €2.99. Defiant tricolour, literally… priceless.”

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20 thoughts on “A Thong Of Beauty

  1. Draxx Ltd II

    The absolute bants goiys!

    This site has some great stuff on it but there really is some inane non sense on it from attention seekers.
    Between this kinda thing and the chap giving out about the Viking splash tour parking yesterday.
    I see lots of mildly interesting things during my day but that doesn’t mean I send them into a news site.

          1. Dόn Pídgéόní

            Jesus, if you love me that much, ask me out rather than stalking me around the place. Oh wait, I forgot, you have an imaginary girlfriend already.

          2. Dog Gone. IT

            Thanks for the back-handed come-on, you want me don’t you? But as you’re no doubt used to crushing rejection, I have decline as you live in England and anyway probably look like a blind carpenters thumb

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