17 thoughts on “Cop Yourself On

  1. Hick

    Renault 5 much loved in orange during the 70s for the lesser spotted Irish driver but also in post office green for the An Post postee’s right into the mid 80’s

    1. Frilly Keane

      PT actually
      Postal Telegraphs

      One became An Post
      And the other Telecom Eireann
      Late 80’s ish

      Remember those orange pt vans well

        1. Woof

          Actually it was P7T, the 7 being the Tironian et, invented by Marcus Tullius Tiro, Cicero’s slave secretary as part of his creation of shorthand, around 60BC, and still used in Irish to represent the word ‘agus’.

  2. Tony Stanza

    In fairness that’s a slight improvement on his usual parking. You’ll normallly find it parked in the disabled spot outside his restaurant (Rougue). Last time I was there, no VRT or insurance on the yoke either.

    1. Liam from Lixnaw

      VRT? if you left 23% of the cost of a car on display inside the windscreen, its no wonder its disappeared

  3. Noel Shanaghy

    A good old Renault 4. They were everywhere in the 70’s. An Post had them the Gardai had them. Just look at the old footage of the Beit robbery.

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