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Further to yesterday’s report and video by Cork human rights activist Bairbre Flood from the refugee camp in Calais, France…

A handy, cut-out-and-keep summary in cartoon form (above) of what the Irish contingent of volunteers experienced.

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Via Irish Refugee Council

5 thoughts on “Pass It On

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Difficult to read these.
    More like something from a Junior Cert Civics copy.
    Leave the cartoons to Flavin.

  2. Bobby

    Fantastic approach to support, a million signatures on a petition wouldn’t have the same impact. Well done to all involved.

  3. Kerryview

    Could they swing by Carrickmines on the way back from Calais? Some of our own non-nationals need proper, fire proof accommodation. Might be hard to get volunteers, but you never know. Neighbours already objecting.

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