The Choice Of A Somewhat Older Generation


Pepsi unveils a series of themed advertisements in celebration of Pepsi Perfect and the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future. (PRNewsFoto/PepsiCo)


The inevitable Pepsi BTTF marketing cash in – a limited edition of 6,500 bottles of the fictional Pepsi Perfect product that appeared in Back To The Future 2 (1989).

Retailing at $21.50 each, the collectible containers will be released on Back To The Future Day (21st October, 2015) – the day that Marty and the Professor travelled from 1985.


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3 thoughts on “The Choice Of A Somewhat Older Generation

  1. Big Mad Bond Fan

    Marty and Doc Brown (and Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer) travelled from 1985, not 1885 – that was the third film.

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