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A very impressive 15 minute short by Australian director Christopher Weekes, featuring Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale, blending live action with seamless VFX and puppetry to tell a dark tale of identity, discrimination and ultimately, self acceptance.

It’s not Sesame-Street.


An entertaining short by Seth Porges and Chris Charles telling the true story of New Jersey’s huge, poorly managed and extremely dangerous Action Park, aka ‘Traction Park’, aka ‘Class Action Park’.

The 20 year heyday of the park was the subject of Johnny Knoxville’s semi fictitious tribute film ‘Action Point’ and Matt Robertson’s 2013 documentary, which inspired it: ‘The Most Insane Amusement Park Ever’.


A sci-fi horror short by Ruari Robinson about Dr Zoidberg-looking monsters living among us, inspired by the current state of the modern world. To wit:

After being phased out of his job, a dangerously unstable man’s life spirals out of control when the prescription pills he takes start to have a side effect: they allow him to see the parasitic beings that have long been puppeteering our world from the shadows.

See? You were right all along.