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A short 68mm film (recently published by MoMA) from 1902 featuring the town of Wuppertal in north west Germany which – while the rest of the western world was busy investing in trams – went for the more complex but infinitely cooler  Suspension Railway option.

This footage of the town as seen from its train – 12 m above the ground –  is uniquely drone-like in scope, unlike the stationary camera angles favoured at the time.

The Schwebebahn is still in use today, carrying 25 million people a year along its 13km track. 


Fans of Richard Herring’s long running RHLSTP podcast will already be well aware of the host’s views on robot sex and whether on not that qualifies as cheating on your partner. Hence, this NSFW short, writen by Richard and directed by Ben Mallaby. To wit:

Richard Herring and Rachel Stubbings star in a cautionary tale of obsession and toast.