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Recorded before her death in 2019, 90 year old former Radio City Music Hall Corps de Ballet soloist, Paulette Harwood shares the energy and passion that characterised her subsequent career as a dance teacher in a poignant film by her grandson James Gallagher who sez:

…she was interesting before I knew what interesting was. I didn’t set out to make a film, I knew my grandmother and the school wouldn’t be around forever and I wanted to document it before she went away


A video for Nashville-based electronica artist Makeup And Vanity Set (Michael Pusti) by Saman Kesh and Justin Daashuur Hopkins in which a tech enthusiast attempts to scam a retail platform by claiming his new monitor was never delivered, requesting a refund.

At first, the site’s AI reacts politely to the scammer’s increasing rudeness, then it exacts sweet revenge.

Whys and wherefores here.



The 2016 original (in case you missed it) and recently released second instalment of Fabrice Mathieu’s Hitchcock/Lucas mashup – the Cary Grant star vehicle that should have been but – for spacial and temporal reasons – never was.

You’ll recall his excellent pisstake of moon landing denial conspiracies ‘Moon Shining’.