Westlife Songs Used In CIA Torture




Allie Conti writes:

In a federal suit filed on Tuesday by the American Civil Liberties Union, three plaintiffs argue that the CIA interrogation program designed by psychologists James Mitchell and John “Bruce” Jesse subjected them to torture. The 82-page complaint, written on behalf of two former prisoners and a family member of another who died in custody, is the first legal challenge to the architects of the brutal methods used by the government to extract information from suspected terrorists after 9/11.

“According to a 2012 article in the Nation, after 9/11, a bounty system emerged in which African warlords would sell “terror suspects” to the CIA for cash. Suleiman Abdullah, a newlywed fisherman in Tanzania, was captured in March 2003, possibly by the help of one such warlord named “Mr. Tall.”

He was taken first to Kenya, and then shuffled around to various places in Afghanistan, like a prison called COBALT—where, according to the ACLU, he was assaulted with music by the Irish boyband Westlife alternating with heavy metal and kept in a pitch-black cell that smelled like rotting seaweed.

Sounds legit.

The First Lawsuit Against the Psychologists Who Designed the CIA Torture Program Has Been Filed (Vice)

Thanks SJ

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32 thoughts on “Westlife Songs Used In CIA Torture

  1. Sam

    It sounds ludicrous to simply say they were ‘assaulted’ with music without giving context that the music is used on a loop to keep them from sleeping. It’s not like they played an album of it while these guys were sitting on a couch. They were likely in a stress position, and having alternate blasts of hot and cold air shot at them as well.

    A few years back I met a guy Murat Kurnaz, he spend 5 years in a US torture hole, even after they quickly realised he was a tourist from Germany sold for the cash reward. It’s despicable that nobody has gone to jail for torture except the people blowing the whistle on it.

    1. Prop Joe

      He told you that did he?
      Was this over a pint or is there some verifiable proof of this?

      Not doubting it but it irks me if someone casually drops an anecdote concerning something liek this without a link, a reference, a place we can look to confirm it.

      1. Sam

        You could read Five Years of My Life: An Innocent Man in Guantanamo – by Murat Kurnaz.

        I met him because I’ve testified on this subject matter before an Oireachtas Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs.

          1. Sam

            it’s not Jungleman, I’ll tell you that much.
            You can find the transcripts of the Oireachtas hearings online, not that they shed much light on anything other than the deep routed desire of politicians to not hear facts nor answer questions. It’s a pity it’s not available in video form. The contempt for law and accountability is palpable in their fake outrage.

          2. jungleman

            If you are going to come on BS and brag about your involvement in an Oireachtas committee, while stating that the transcript is publicly available, you might as well give your full name. Otherwise one can only assume you are talking out of your ass.

          3. Sam

            I didn’t brag about anything. You condescended, asking if I ‘met him down the pub’ and I put you right.
            If you want to read anything he said in his book, you have the name. If you want to find the transcript of the Oireachtas Hearing on Foreign Affairs, you can find that too.
            If you’re just looking for someone to annoy, you can keep looking.

        1. Prop Joe

          Appreciate the reference, wasn’t aware of his book.
          Even reading his book, I will probably not be satisfied unless it’s all independently corroborated.
          Whilst I’ve no doubt he suffered, these stories do tend to be fairly heavily peppered with embellishments

          1. Sam

            I’d say that about the stuff coming from the spooks. Teh yanks said three guys from Briton were in Afghanistan at a training camp with bin Laden in 2000, and got them to sign confessions admitting that.
            MI5 were able to tell the yanks that all three men were at their normal jobs in the UK at the time, and none of them left the country that year.
            False confessions are useful to some people.

      2. Sam

        He did visit Ireland to meet with people and give talks. Not a single journalist from the mainstream media covered his talks, and they were given invites.
        You could also read “Guantanamo Diary” by Mohamedou Ould Slahi, or “Ghost Plane” by Stephen Grey, or watch Taxi to the Dark Side or any of the other works on this topic if you’re interested.
        You’ll find Shannon mentioned in relation to some of the CIA torture jets.

  2. pedeyw

    People tend to make light of this (I think maybe that’s half the point), but it’s pretty horrific psychological torture.

  3. steve white

    NIcky’s father in-law waved the CIA people through Shannon and continued to do so even after knowing what they were involved in.

  4. munkifisht

    The development of these methods of torture are well documented in Jon Ronsons Book “The men who state at Goats” (it’s nothing like the film). Essentially they the next stage in the MK Ultra project that tired to see what could be done by administering massive quantities of weaponised LSD to targets sending their minds into a world of pain. When these kind of torture techniques were first revealed in Abu Ghraib, it was Barney the Dinosaur “I love you”. It’s a stroke of genius to be fair from these sick f***s. They use songs that seem on the face of it funny, but the actual outcomes are horrific. There is nothing funny about sleep deprivation and what the US continues to do in torturing prisoners is beyond reproach.

    1. Walter-Ego

      I read that book and as far as i remember it contained a picture of a poor detainee who was subjected to that Barney song for weeks, screaming in one of those containers. Horrific. America, huh, home of the brave, my arse.

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