15 thoughts on “Scarlet

  1. Prop Joe

    Is Ciara Conway insinuating that the people of the newspaper can only see in monochrome, and that the ladies look like men?

  2. ahjayzis

    I remember just before the last GE there was a Facebook group dedicated to the white blazer Joan, Mary Lou, Mary Hanafin, Mary Coughlan and Frances Fitzgerald all shared and wore on alternating days.

  3. Janegg

    Why is anyone taking about what anyone at the budget was wearing unless there was an incident like the Air France suit ripping incident?

  4. DubLoony

    Christ on a bike, are we not over what women wear yet?

    Any analysis by them on the impact of the budget on women?

    1. D2dweller

      Well I thought they really livened up the day. And the Ciara Conway’s sandwiches were delicious.

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