Puca writes:

Cringeworthy stuff from FG.

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18 thoughts on “Ah Here

  1. Cluster

    Mildly cringeworthy, but no more cringeworthy than the vast majority of political communication.

    Is it true?

      1. classter

        This is beyond tiresome.

        There are many reasons to dislike FG or disagree with FG or even be cynical about their motives.

        I am, however, completely at a loss about what is particularly egregious about this fluffy piece of political advertising.

    1. Sido

      At least this time FG can only really peddle themselves as the best formed stool in the bottom of the pot, rather than as a “democratic revolution”.

  2. John

    of course when Ireland was producing charts like this in 2006 it was “fully sustainable” and then in the crash of 2008 people claimed there were no warning signs! this chart is another warning sign.

      1. miko

        Actually we wouldn’t. Not by a long shot. Despite being peddled as some humanitarian crisis by the €106 million Euro Homeless industry Ireland has lower numbers sleeping rough then England, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal and pretty much any country that has stats in the EU.

        We need to massively reduce funding to the homeless industry and increase funding for pyschiatric/drug services as well as Social Welfare Officers. The real joke is that there are more people employed in homeless services then homeless. And TBH the recent search in idiots entering the sector means that those with chronic drug and alcohol addiction can put 100% of their income against their habit while living as comfortable a life as an addict will want. To put it mildly, the homeless industry in a self serving way are making the problem worse.

    1. classter

      Except it is not true that we have ‘fastest widening divide between rich and poor’.

      Our Gini coefficient is reducing.

  3. Eoin

    Well, we might have the fastest expanding stock market, thanks to millionaires (the only ones with the collateral) borrowing freshly quantitatively eased cash at low interest rates from Mario Draghi and his magic printing press and then blowing it all on stocks and stock by backs from their own companies. Then the stock market gets so pumped with money that it drags up all the economic data. That’s not a recovery and that’s not growth. And when you print bucket loads of Euros lend them out it devalues the Euros already in the system. More euros chasing the same amount of goods leads to inflation (note prices up 40% for so many goods since 2007). And Euro inflation is another form of tax on people holding Euros. So in the end you end up with stats that you can spin into a recovery and fast growth, but on the ground there’s no recovery. In fact things are getting worse for the poorer sections of society and better for the wealthier.

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