Billy Walsh (right), who has resigned as Irish boxing coach, with reporter Damien Tiernan (centre) and camera operator Neilus Dennehy of RTÉ in  Wexford this afternoon


A statement from the Sports Council and Sports Minister Michael Ring concerning the resignation of Billy Walsh as coach to the Irish boxing team this morning.

Via Gavin Reilly

VIDEO: Walsh resigns as Irish boxing head coach (RTÉ)

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16 thoughts on “Counted Out

  1. Christopher

    Is this about money? If so goodbye. I can see no justification for using tax money to fund sports coaches.

    1. NilNocere

      Absolutely not. The last thing we want is more young people getting involved in sport amidst the current obesity crisis.

      1. ahjayzis

        He coaches high-performance people, in fairness. Not school kids. School coaches cost far less, we could probably hire ten for the price of this fella.

        And also, it’s boxing, bye now.

    1. Owen C

      How is this a ministerial level feck up? It clearly says the issues were between Walsh and the IABA. Anyone who has been even marginally following this story knows there is some issue around what Walsh wants in terms of day to day working conditions (ie how he does his job) and what the IABA are willing to agree to. Seems to be a control issue between coach and board. If i was a guessing man (and I am), I’d suggest this is akin to the pre-professional era of rugby where the amateur board still had a major say in team selection, despite a professional coach being in place who should really be doing that.

  2. Bobby

    We should pay him a fupping heap load of cash as he deserves it. €127,000 a year was offered. Now when you’re being offered a third of Joe Duffy’s salary and you’re the most successful Irish sports coach by a country mile….I’d do one to America too.

    This is a country where Brian Kerr is employed to give analysis on TV 3 and not coach our underage national teams. Despite being our most successful youth soccer coach ever.

    It’s sick.

    And then you had Redacted and Desmond teaming up to pay that senile Italian tool a million a year.


  3. Joe cool

    Michael carruths brother is high up in the I.A.B.A. In this corrupt little cabal of a country……..guess who’ll take over……go on…..have a guess

  4. eoin hurley

    He said it wasn’t about money but about other issues as far as I can tell. With regard to the Brian Kerr comment fairly sure he does not want to coach under age teams anymore.

    1. Bobby

      I didn’t know that. Any link? Even still, he should be overseeing things. You only have to watch/read his analysis to know that it’s an absolute waste to have him just doing media work.

      And as for Billy, someone please do something. Otherwise let’s pray he gets homesick in a year’s time.

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