29 thoughts on “Tonight Matthew

      1. Prop Joe

        Which of the others is offensive?
        The packaging on the mercenary one is, but it doesn’t contain makeup.

  1. turgidson

    Does the ‘Mercenary’ costume come with make-up to ‘black up’ or do you have to provide that yourself.

    The Father Tedness of the priest costume only works if you are willing the wrinkle your brow and tilt your head for entire time you are wearing it.

    1. ReproBertie

      After some detailed investigation I discovered that the Mr T costume contians a padded top, dungarees, wig and necklace so it doesn’t look like it.

      What’s offensive about dressing up as Borat, a fictional man who travelled from Eurasia to America, or Fr Ted?

        1. ahjayzis

          Middle Eastern people take great umbrage at inaccurate and culturally stereotypical depictions of people from Central Asia. Don’t ask me why, it’s so random!

          1. rotide

            Then they are the same halfwit’s that find father ted offensive.

            Not worth thinking about.

            I’m willing to bet the OP is not one of these aformentioned middle easterns and is therefor even more of an idiot for finding any offense in it.

  2. george

    The post doesn’t say they are offensive by the way. Commenters are assuming that.

    Two are offensive, the other two aren’t particularly but they are referencing copyrighted characters with strange descriptions to avoid using the characters names which might be described as ‘suspect’

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