What Do You Mean You ‘Weren’t Invited’?





We’re going to party like it’s Easter 1916.

‘Eamonn Ceann So’ writes:

Is it appropriate in the run up to a General Election to have RTÉ boost Enda Kenny’s republican credentials in this manner?


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23 thoughts on “What Do You Mean You ‘Weren’t Invited’?

  1. Damo

    Jeez people like to moan. I think the electorate will make up their own minds about his credentials.

    1. phil

      Whatever about the OP, Damo, I think you are wonderful, and I’m enthusiastically positive about your insight into people…

    2. classter

      Yup, like him, love him, lump him or loathe him, he is the democratically elected prime minister.

      Sometimes he is the lightweight/lying (delete to suit) politician you oppose, other times he is your Taoiseach.

      This is part of the holding of opposed ideas in your mind required for a democracy to function.

    1. DubLoony

      What does “republican credentials” actually mean?

      Like or loathe him, he is the democratically elected leader of a state that is a constitutional republic.

      1. scundered

        if he has U-turned on most of the policies people voted him in for, he doesn’t deserve that respect, he doesn’t represent his so called electorate… just another gob****e dictator..

        1. DubLoony

          They are in a coalition, no-one is ever going to get 100% of an election manifesto.
          Even Syriza found that out.

          1. scundered

            and the others U-turned too, they are all as bad. But they certainly could no longer be classed as democratic leaders.

          1. scundered

            taxing people’s homes, Irish Water, burning the bondholders… you need any more blatantly obvious examples?

      2. Fergus the magic postman

        Put my name on the loathe him list please. I know this ensures we can never be friends because you’re on the love him list, but there are a few on here you can add to that one. So you won’t be lonesome Smithers. I mean DubLoony sorry.

  2. Truth in the News

    Turn the clock back, who would Enda Kenny support, what has he supported
    and propped up with almost the last 5 years…. Merkel….. Noel Curran and
    Kenny will soon be gone…..no wonder they are trying on a premptive celebration.
    As to a Republican culture at RTE, only thing the had not the courage to do
    was fly the Union Jack on the roof of the television building.

      1. Fran Green

        I was replying to the original quote of “Is it appropriate in the run up to a General Election to have RTÉ boost Enda Kenny’s republican credentials in “this manner?”, not directly to TITN.

  3. Sido

    What’s the suggestion here? Is it that people will (a) notice this event? And (b) then say, wow I never realised what great republican credentials Enda Kenny had before.

    Yeah right.

  4. Declan

    Would you also give out about the Shinners holding there own events or are they “Republicans”?

  5. True Unionist Boyce

    I wonder will he use this auspicious event to finally call the date of the general election…
    Or maybe he’ll just give us an update on his latest chats with “the man with two pints in his hands”.

  6. Sham Bob

    It would be more appropriate to have the President, as the figurative head of state, who’s meant to be above politics. Of course there’s going to be every flavour of bullshit before this centenary is done with. Politicians will jump on and off this bandwagon like an open-top tour bus.

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