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  1. Lilly

    I hope young people do not fall for the ‘study now, pay later’ American model of debt enslavement.

      1. Neilo

        Better we all bear the cost of PhDs in Trigger Warning Studies than let the buck eejits pay for it themselves :)

        1. Deluded

          Indeed not.
          The economy serves society, but according to economic theory society is a side-effect of business “ethics”.
          Security, stability and sanity are not factored for- that is why we have government, not just a civil service.
          Many people think that if we only apply some algorithm or set of principles then we will obviate the need for moral, ethical or emotional involvement, that anybody who is excluded has failed the system, not that the system is crude and has failed them.
          One extreme does not recognise the need for competition, reward or excellence to motivate us and the other extreme does not recognise that anybody should have these options available to them: that escape from grinding poverty to the tightrope of bearable poverty is all we deserve.
          These are ancient beliefs, long espoused by myriad competing and often self-contradictory religions and philosophies.
          I’m in the middle; I’m rural working-class (I don’t sound like this) now paying lots of tax on a full-time job and a (fully declared) part-time enterprise.
          Extreme Right-wing principles will not foster a better community for my friends and neighbours no more than some Left-wing ideals will encourage competition and excellence; policies I abhor will benefit me short-term but then I will have to retreat to a gated community with all the shallow, grasping vultures while I watch the generous, convivial and conducive suffer.
          We have advanced as a species, in my view, but we have much to learn and understand about ourselves and others.
          We have an easy life, in fairness, here in the upper median.
          Our injustices are abstract, I need for nothing, nor will my kith and kin.
          Social mobility has afforded me the only luxuries I need.
          Stripping the poorest of basic dignity will not make our society one iota more productive, which means that the motivations for promoting a reversion to medieaval values are wholly sinister.

    1. salmon eile

      It’s either get enslaved in college or when you start “work” anyway Lilly with the price of rents and all.

      1. Lilly

        I hope they evaluate all the third-level hype with a cool eye and do what suits them, and allows them to live as adults ASAP, and refuse to be infantilised by endless years of study that forces them into dependency and saddles them with debt before landing a place on a JobBridge scheme. That’s all :)

    1. Bingo

      That guy gives me the creeps, in the same way that lots of professional people give me the creeps.
      Way too ‘well adjusted’….

      1. Lilly

        Well adjusted he may be but a good architect he is not – if my architect friends are to be believed.

  2. Kolmo

    Yeah! Total monitisation of the third level education is becoming a reality – De-coupling another element of the State and handing it over to commercial ‘partners’.

    1. Lilly

      Not long now ’til we have the Beacon University. Enda will be falling over himself to give grants to its ‘customers’.

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