This Disco Sucks



Did you go to Wesley?

Do you have a persistent rattle in your chest?

Donnybrook, Dublin 4

WhaddyaNuts writes:

Passed by Old Wesley Rugby Club this morning and was sad to see it being dismantled. So many fond memories of teenage experimentation.
The workers were wearing face masks and were taking asbestos off the roof, nice to know we did The Boogaloo, The Camelwalk* and The Funky Chicken beneath such danger.


*hacking cough*

* Anyone?

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26 thoughts on “This Disco Sucks

    1. Pip

      Exactly – its the disturbing of it that causes most risk, hence the workers wearing masks, but not the erstwhile dancers.

    2. Dolye Ware

      Asbestos is only dangerous in powder form. When in sheets like this for which was used for roofing, its fine….. Alot of hype of this stuff just a money spinner for removal of it….

      1. scottser

        Apparently your sound auntie is called ‘the bantie’ and your sound uncle is called ‘the funcle’.

    1. scottser

      i’d say the amount of knee-tremblers again them walls over the years caused significant structural damage.

  1. manolo

    “fond memories of teenage experimentation”… some of the experimentation I heard about would make Coppers look tame.

    1. Neilo

      Quite! I first visited the Wesley disco on an away day or two to attend a U2 show in 1983. Yeah, it was in the Francis Xavier Hall, I’m just that bloody old. The Wes was an eye-opener for a relatively innocent young lad from the country. I’d seen and hung out* with girls before but there were GIRLS in this disco. No Monster Munch**was offered but I really got the sense that some of these young wans from the Shmoke were a fine, fine breed apart. True story. ***

      *Got the shift
      ***Boring as all get out

  2. Clampers Outside!

    * Stands up on the top deck of the 123 bus and declares *

    I dunno what ‘The Camelwalk’ is? ….anything related to a ‘camel-stubby-finger-of-the-foot’

    [ moderate that ! :) ]

  3. DarraghNoob

    Don’t panic people. Wesley’s clubhouse is getting some renovations done. In the meantime, The Wezz disco continues at the other end of the donnybrook grounds in Bective Rugby Club

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