24 thoughts on “Warm Your Cockles

  1. Prop Joe

    If Murphy, Philip ,T, Timmy and Joni2015 aren’t all the same person then they are definitely all mates of this ballbag.

    1. Always Wright

      If there’s anything more tragic and cringe-inducing than the forced hilarity* of the videos themselves it’s the obvious effort to pretend he has a fanbase. I prefer to believe that Murphy, Phillip et al are aliases of the performer’s** best friend because the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about. The alternative, in case it isn’t clear, is that the comedian*** is writing his own comments.

      *Incorrect use of the word ‘hilarity.’
      **Incorrect use of the word ‘performer.’
      ***Incorrect use of the word ‘comedian.’

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Had he waited till ‘Patty’s Day’ he would have cleaned up with the Facebookin’ Irish-Americans.

  3. Always Wright

    More innocuous comments disappearing.

    People currently above reproach on Broadsheet:
    Rosanna ‘Dead-Eyes’ Davison
    Unfunny Leather Jacketed Gentleman.

    Feel free to add to the list.

    1. J

      Accusing BS of a non selective approach to posts is also a big fat no no. Perhaps they found the word “slutty” offensive. *sigh*

  4. Odockatee

    Paths to freedom. What a show. I’ll never forget Rats poem. Or asking the Nordie how long the train journey would be. 55 minutes

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