Twisting Our Lemon


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Speculation about a Stone Roses album and tour has hit fever pitch as posters of their iconic lemon logo popped up in shop windows in Manchester.
Meanwhile, rock stars including Tim Burgess and Liam Fray have tweeted lemons too.Every reference has 16 lemons, suggesting a tour could take place in 2016.

Stone Roses to announce new album and tour? Rumours sweep across Manchester (ManchesterEveningNews)

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26 thoughts on “Twisting Our Lemon

    1. The exploding priest

      You mean music that is a close approximation to their first album.You dont want a new album at all.

      1. dave g k

        Yes and it’s all being filmed for a new reality tv series on ITV2. I’ve been told that it’ll be like The Monkeys meets the Mansons.

    1. rotide

      You must have been at Swedish house mafia or something,The Stone Roses were great.

      It was amusing watching a younger generation of fans wondering why Ian Browns voice was so bad though.

    1. Neilo

      And once you’ve established a solid benchmark for your research, you can posit the bass lines as a factor in the popularity of Manchester beat combo The Stoned Roses.

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