23 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. The Observer

    Jonny Cooper has to be the best looking GAA footballer in the country. My word he’s one Hottie McHottie. Rugby players move over!! Hello Jonny!!!

  2. Kieran NYC

    Great news regarding the drug report’s recommendations.

    Pity the Irish World went all Joe Duffy scummy on it. And of course deliberately lied in their headline.

    1. Disasta

      Are the Irish World actually saying that because something is legal people will do it?
      Yes I’m going to go out tomorrow and what the H in because its there.
      Newsflash, its already there any widely available.
      Parachuting is legal and I don’t see everyone buying parachutes?
      It is obviously a paper for the uneducated.

        1. Fletcher

          Make sure you get the right number heroin. Number 3 is what you want. It’s the most common in the EU and can be easily snorted or smoked. It’s generally Iranian. Number 4 isn’t uncommon though, it needs the addition of citric and other elements.

          1. Deluded

            Thank you Fletcher, I’ll be ok- I’m a little advanced for ‘heroin chic’.
            I have read that when heroin was used as a painkiller in surgery there were examples of people leading long, successful lives after with pharmaceutical (ie clean) heroin to manage the addiction.
            Do you think addiction, to anything, has associations with pain and trauma? Are there ‘casual’ heroin users?

          2. Doobs

            @ Deluded

            Worth a listen and I think it answers your question somewhat with regards to,
            “Do you think addiction, to anything, has associations with pain and trauma? Are there ‘casual’ heroin users?”

          3. Deluded

            It was a bit of a leading question, Doobs…. and an excellent, succint reply. (The core of their argument is reached in about 7mins)
            You saved me some work,
            thank you ^_^

  3. Truth in the News

    ESRI report of Brit Exit, ever noticed that Switzerland is not a member and is it
    realised that a free trade area exists throughout Europe….in fact we might do
    a hell of lot better getiing out our selves….”IRL Exit”.

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