Having A Giraffe


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Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park, Dublin.

James Kavanagh writes:

Dublin Zoo is celebrating the birth of a male Rothschild giraffe, born Sunday 25th October at 10.30pm. The calf stands tall at 1.5 metres and weighs an estimated 45kg.
He made his first outside appearance (above) in the African Savanna on Wednesday (28th October), at four days old. He joins a herd of eight giraffes at Dublin Zoo.
Team leader at Dublin Zoo, Helen Clarke-Bennett said, “The calf was born in the giraffe house with the other female members of the herd present. The team watched the birth unfold on our closed circuit cameras. The birth took over an hour and we noticed that the herd was very attentive each step of the way.”

Dublin Zoo


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  1. Kieran NYC


    You mean if I shoot enough of them, I get to name the rest of the species after myself?

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