Homesick In London?


Toy Show Live

There is no escape.

Maria Schweppe, of the London Irish Comedy festival writes:

I’m organising an event in London called The Late Late Toy Show LIVE! on Saturday 28 November in the London Irish Centre [Camden Square, London NW1], which is a screening of The Late Late Toy Show (with support from RTÉ Player International) the night after it airs in Ireland. There’ll be live comedy, craic and Christmas jumpers! Comedians Tara Flynn, Gráinne Maguire and Colum McDonnell will host. Be very grateful for a shout out to let your Irish readers in London know about it.

Book tickets here

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34 thoughts on “Homesick In London?

        1. Maria

          Hey Casey, the flyer says ‘the night after it airs in Ireland’. The live element is the comedy and commentary. :-)

    1. rotide

      Get with the times Fluffy, Hola is horrifically insecure.

      de kids are using other stuff now . (google, i won’t link here)

  1. Prop Joe

    Female comedians commentating on the toy show …
    I;’d rather have Maeve Higgins repeating the “fillum” and how “gas” it is in my head forever.

    1. Dόn Pídgéόní

      Wimminims can’t do comedy because their ovaries climb into their mouths and stop the jokes getting out in the way a real man would be able to.

      1. Prop Joe

        Sorry but the only half decent comedian that is female is Sara Silverman.

        Anyone else, especially irish female comedians are just woeful. Deirdre O’Kane? Maeve HIggins, that Tierney one? These are the best we have to offer? Horrendous.

        It’s a fact that men are more funny than women. Men’s minds evolved to be more comedic to be more attractive to womenfolk. I’m not going to reference it for you, google it. It’s true. You’l find studies.

        Also most women I know agree, female comedians are at best subpar, at worst vulgar for the sake vulgarity

        1. Dόn Pídgéόní

          “I have studies, I swear” lol ok…

          Dirty women being vulgar! How very dare they not fit my idealised social construction of what is appropriate female behaviour!

          1. Prop Joe

            Vulgar as opposed to funny.
            Same goes for some male comedians.
            Vulgarity and swearing does not equate to comedy.

            That wasn’t a “I have studies, I swear” comment, that was a “you’re a big girl now, so do your own research instead of getting your pants in a twist.

          2. Prop Joe

            It’s actually amusing that the only thing you picked up from my comment was my not offering you a reference for my argument.

          3. Dόn Pídgéόní

            Do my own research to support your understanding that evolutionary biological theory is fact? Nah, I’m good thanks. But thanks for the lazy sexism.

        2. J

          Only half decent male comedian is Daire O Briain. O Dowd , O Doherty, Bishop, Byrne ( Ed and Jason), O Carroll , Shortt, Moran, Tiernan are all as equally woeful as their female counterparts.

          1. Prop Joe

            Agree, most irish comedians are quite bad, but I would argue that Moran is up there with OBriain

          2. Neilo

            I like that young Cork lad – Chris Kent – and if he can work up a fresh hour, I think he’ll be top notch.

          3. J

            @ PropJoe “Men’s minds evolved to be more comedic to be more attractive to womenfolk….most irish comedians are quite bad”

            Ok. Is it BS safe to say that Irish men are neither evolved nor attractive.

      2. Neilo

        I’m a wojus MCP and all-round curmudgeon who accepts all comedy is subjective – apart from Julian & Sandy, that shiz is gold, y’all – but Tara Brady leaves my funny bone well untouched. That said, she’s been a cool actor in anything I’ve seen her in and is also a very good writer. I’m an equal opportunity pooh-pooher tho’: Colum McDonnell can do a serviceable Gundalk accent and…well…that’s about it. But who am I to dictate taste?

  2. Fergus the magic postman

    The odd occasions I’ve used RTE Player for anything, it performed terribly.
    I hope it works better for your night.

    1. Liam from Lixnaw

      well since its 24 hours later, they could record it on VHS, get on a boat, sail across the sea and get a coach to the venue in time to press play

  3. J

    Bodger, please remove me from the naughty list . I hate having to wait for your “approval “. *stamps foot*

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