38 thoughts on “All Tooled Up

  1. Gerard

    This weekend I spotted a portrait of Adolf Hitler in the window of a second hand shop…just up the road from tackle shop

    1. Ms Piggy

      I’d forgotten until I read your comment, but there used to be a stamp collector’s shop just beyond Parnell St that had loads of Nazi stamps and other memorabilia (incl. pictures of Hitler) in the window. It might still be there, I haven’t looked for ages.

      1. mr lava lava

        ” …there’s a lot of Nazi stuff here would you not have any Allies stuff? …no father..sure I wouldn’t be into collecting that stuff at all”

          1. Steve

            Not really relevant, the guns in the article were blank firing guns a completely different thing to airsoft guns

          2. Deluded

            That’s true Steve, the photos are of realistic but non-deadly ‘toys’.
            Does anyone know if the replicas in the comment links are legal here?

    1. Sheikh Yabooti

      Grotesque? Nope. Sad? Yes. Call Of Duty fantasists posing in front of mirror. Google Travis Bickle.
      Though waving this at police in any other country would likely get you killed.

  2. Kolmo

    I’m quiet sure this shop was on BS within the past year for the same reason – these are the toys of adults who like to shoot plastic pellets at each other, I think it’s odd, but whatever blows your hair back…

  3. Charlie

    Apparently you cannot purchase these unless you also own a Pitbull, Mastiff, Bull terrier or Rottweiler.

  4. ReproBertie

    Some people like to dress up and play soldiers to forget about the stresses of life. Other people like to cast judgment on people to make themselves feel better about the choices they made. Variety is the spice of life.

  5. Junkface

    They’re plastic airguns, that shoot plastic pellets, not replica guns made of metal. Jaysus, untwist the knickers

  6. Muph Mikey

    these are classic….well worth having one in the house… If you are confronted with someone breaking into your house then just flash this baby and they will be off closing the door behind them……im leaving my desk now to get one…..before they sell out!!!

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