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  1. Marian

    Surprised Examiner running the Garda story alongside a photo of Noreen and Frances this close to an election. Anyway, they’re only following in the Daily Mail’s wake who’ve been chipping away recently that all is not well in the Force and shining light on the reality that we might have a serious enough law and order problem in the Republic. Anyway, it must be awful for a young female Garda to go out on maternity knowing that her colleagues will have to “take up the slack” because holes due to Gardai on maternity leave “are not filled”. No doubt Garda colleagues have no problem stepping up to the plate (hell, they’ll even put their lives on the line for the State – bailouts and all), but it’s not right when it’s systematic (policy even) and they’re paid so little. Then you have to sit and keep your mouth shut as little scrotes and white collar slime balls get off scot-free. It’s no wonder they’re not interested in pursuing small crimes – you have to keep phoning and keep asking for the pulse number. You have to keep ringing the station and not get angry when they say “s/he’s not here, but will call you back”. You have to not let them fob you off with “tis a civil matter”. You have to try and get them to look at your complaint while realising that they are tied up with far more serious stuff and haven’t the resources to deal with everything. It’s not their fault. The problems are to do with resources, poor organisation, poor pay and dwindling morale (state-funded shows about “Garda Down Under” don’t help morale). It’s the same with health. Same with education. The only thing that seems to work “efficiently” is NAMA, the quangos and the “nice” government departments stuffed full of faceless pen-pushers and clock watchers.

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