Nearly Out On His Ear



Bonkers writes:

[RTÉ One’s] The Week in Politics [yesterday] did a montage of Enda Kenny’s 40 year political career last night. During his speech after the Fine Gael heave on him in 2010 he appears to be wearing some sort of earpiece. Is it a medical device or did he literally have to be told his words?


32 thoughts on “Nearly Out On His Ear

  1. dav

    In fairness to the idiot, I’m sure that was one of those RTE news live interviews where the ear piece is to hear Dobbo asking the hard questions such as what is your favorite colour, how many points are in your 5 point plan and who are the feckin foolsthat are grouped around you like gormless idiots?

      1. Sham Bob

        I think the point of this ‘piece’ was allow us to laugh at the big thick, utterly insincere head on the man running the country. Laugh, or cry in despair/ amazement.
        The fact that it’s completely believable that he is being fed his answers should worry FG supporters.

  2. Dόn Pídgéόní

    He is really a Mossad agent and is waiting to kill a man with his bare hands.

    At least that’s what I’m told.

  3. perricrisptayto

    Old school, wired remote control, he’s since been upgraded and rewired for infra red. Some day he hopes to go full bluetooth.

    1. Tighe

      Didn’t someone on BS once call Enda the ‘Electorally Naive Droid Apparatus’?

      Looks like they were onto something there. I’m presuming that Enda’s been wired for full broadband by now..

  4. www.cotton

    I’d be more worried about the fuppwiths standing behind. What is it about Irish politics that makes grown men and women look like complete gobs hites once they see a camera?

      1. Deluded

        That’s an earlier model that melted after it got stuck in a revolving door.
        The new one now has PersonalTouch 2.0 (with added yarns) and the actual moving around is by remote control.

  5. Frank

    Anyone recognize any of the “supporters” in the background ?!?
    I don’t !! But, I’m not good at that sort of thing.
    Just thought that I’d ask…..
    *Heading for coat !

  6. Truth in the News

    Quite simple he was doing an interview, to reduce echo the earpiece is the feed
    of the sound circuit to allow the interviewer to conduct the interview…in some
    cases the video and the sound can follow different circuit routes….indeed with
    digital television the degree of synchronisation imbalance is quite apparent.’s
    As to Kenny he’s a puppet of Angela Merkel and is brainwashed anyways.

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