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Tomorrow, Wednesday: Skinny Wolves presents Sheer Mag, The #1s, Sissy, Oh Boland @ Bello Bar, Portobello Harbour, Dublin 2 (€10)

Nialler9 writes:

“What if we gave this Thin Lizzy riff a disco beat?” That’s an apt description for Philadelphia low-fidelity rock’n’roll band Sheer Mag (above performing Fan The Flames) who touch down in Dublin with some decent garage and punk local support tomorrow night. A sweaty basement gig awaits you.

Nialler9’s Gig Guide November 10-16 (Nialler9)

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11 thoughts on “Nialler9’s Gig Of The Week

  1. St. John Smythe

    music’s pretty decent in a low-fi, slighty atonal way. don’t care too much for the clean-cut pseudo punks in the audience though

  2. Custo

    I think that’s the first time one of Nialler9’s ‘Gigs of the Week’ hasn’t been utter utter turd.

  3. Oh No! It's DEVO!

    Classic case of promoter taking a punt on booking an obscure band they like and adding 3-4 well liked ‘on the rise’ local/home grown bands to the bill in the hope that people will go. The system works!

    Every support on this bill warrants their own headline show in Dublin but sure, why not as the man said.

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