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      1. mike

        check out one of latest south park on gentrification of Kenny’s neighbourhood – wanky development is called sodosoco, only 2 consonants off!!

  1. Mr. T.

    Oh FFS everywhere has to be a poor imitation of SoHo now. It’s pathetic and doesn’t even make sense. South of Liffey bridges is the south of the river. So it EXCLUDES the IFSC. If anything it should be EBUTT.

    So contrived.

  2. Joe835

    Pretty sure Broadsheet just got hoodwinked into advertising one particular block of offices being built in the middle of this “quarter”, which seems to be referenced on every page……

    Interesting way to gain publicity for it all the same, fair play to them.

  3. Urbanfrog

    reminds me of when they were selling “Grand Canal Park – nestled between Castleknock and Drumcondra” I pointed out to the seller it was “Squeezed between Cabra and Finglas” I got my coat.

  4. :-Joe

    Who are these people and how do they think they can brand a whole area of Dublin City in the style of countless US city districts?…..

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      They tried the same forced urbanist chic with the ‘HSQ’ or ‘Heuston South Quarter’. Nobody calls it that – it’s fupping Kilmainham and always will be.

      1. :-Joe

        Thx, didn’t hear anything about that one. Fepp’n stupid.

        Any idea who is trying to make these changes?
        I’m assuming it’s developer driven but maybe there’s private government backing.


  5. :-Joe

    If anyone is interested, after I watched that hilarious South Park Episode “” I stumbled onto these vids.

    TED Talk about gentrification in Brixton and London and how to stop it.

    Apparently it was sparked off by Spike Lee ranting about it earlier this year.

    Especially interesting if you live in an area of a city centre where there is what’s considered “lower-income” housing or the area itself is considered “under-developed” and you want to be prepared for the inevitable “regeneration” or the private developer led speculation and gentrification of local communities and culture :

    The solution seems to be organised local housing trusts that circumvent the system and to lobby the government for investment in areas, rent-control and a long term plan for mixed-income housing in all areas.


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