A Local Night For Local People




From The Sugar Club With Love.

The Sugar Club, Leeson Street, Dublin

Doors open 10pm until “very late”.

Johnny Moy writes:

It’s rarity these days in a city full of international guests and big room venues that a party lands in Dublin with everything coming together in unison, people, timing, music, and atmosphere to create quite simply a community event and really great party by the people, for the people!
“From Dublin with Love” is one such an event, two rooms, quality music, homegrown Djs and a super sound crew from Dublin’s party scene From the Sugar Club With Love will give a platform to a host of local selectors, Djs and music lovers. Expect friends of friends, lovers of a good time and unique, true Dublin party!

From The Sugar Club With Love

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10 thoughts on “A Local Night For Local People

  1. Dream Market

    So basically its a load of local DJs playing in a local venue. something that happens week in week out.
    I love when they write these write ups that somehow make it seem like its some one off special event. They’re all good DJs I’m not complaining but the spin in this one is strong.

    1. the pidgeon man

      Nope, bet your bottom they won’t. Irish labels are looked over by Irish DJs most of the time.

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