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Want to explore how men can build a strong team around themselves and each other to support one another through all life’s events?

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Oliver of Pieta House [self harm/suicide prevention centre] writes:

We’re hosting an event with Joe.ie called ‘The Bounce of the Ball’ in Dublin’s Chocolate Factory [King’s Inns]  on November 19th from 7pm to mark International Men’s Day and tie in with the work Pieta House do and, in particular, our Mind Our Men campaign.

Speakers on the night include Eoghan McDermott, Jack McGrath, Paul Flynn and Joe Caslin – each of them will discuss the ups and downs of life and how support is crucial when the bounce of the ball doesn’t go your way.

The Bounce Of The Ball (EventBrite)

Pieta House

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3 thoughts on “Man To Man

  1. john

    This is a disgrace – where are the female speakers?!!

    I am outraged. I will be looking for the appropriate hashtags for the rest of the day and letting the world (my twitter followers) know how unfair this all is.

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