12 thoughts on “It’s Showtime

      1. dav

        No, that would just make them martyrs to the property developer/banker cause. No, hit them in the only thing they care about – their own greedy pockets.

  1. martco

    have yeZ not seen the ads for this theftfest on the telly, annunciated by none other than Duncan Ballantine?!?? (The abrasive womaniser fella out of original Dragons Den)

    1. Prop Joe

      I would doubt anyone buying a place in Bulgaria is using it as a second home.
      Any gains they make from it will be taxed sufficiently. foreign Rental income, capital gains tax etc

        1. Prop Joe

          Ah it is.
          Any income from the property while held as an asset is liable to tax under Case III, anything gained on it’s disposal would come under CGT

  2. Otis Blue

    It appears thousands of Irish bought such properties in the boom. You don’t hear any talking about how well that worked out. May as well have burned the cash.

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