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Chris O’Halloran writes:

This December my self publishing group, Turncoat Press, are releasing our latest comic book. It is title Last Rebel and features the hurley wielding hero, Jenny. The comic is set in a post apocalyptic Cork City where gangs terrorise the decreased and poorly population, as well as mutated animals, including cheetahs and a giant swan.

We will be having a release event in Waterstone’s on Patricks St on Saturday, December 5, from 2:30pm to celebrate. The stories contain many Cork locations including St.Patrick Street, Shandon and Fota. The writers and artists are all Irish based and mostly in Cork.

MORE: Last Rebel (Turncoat Press)

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21 thoughts on “Jenny From The Poc

  1. Lorcan Nagle

    Insert joke about not being able to tell the difference between real Cork and the version in the comic here…

  2. Eamonn clancy

    When did Vanity Publishing become so acceptable? Theatre is rife with it too, with actors writing plays for themselves as well as producing them.

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      Self-publishing has a long history in comics, it’s not as looked down-upon there as it is in other publishing circles.

    2. Casey

      I KNOW, right.
      That James Corden and Ruth Corden with Gavin and Stacy
      That Ben Affleck and Matt Damon with their Good Will Hunting
      Orsen Wells
      Woody Allen
      Emma Thomson
      Tina Fey….

      Eughhhh…. all those vanity writers and look how that worked out for them. I prefer your way, no-one should write anything for themselves!

    3. Arcol

      Vanity Publishing was a term coined by traditional publishing to belittle it, with great success. The advent of digital printing and the ebook together with a smaller, leaner, traditional publishing market has led to self publishing being a real alternative for authors. The vanity publishing tag is a bit outdated, much like John Grisham’s need for an overdraft became after he self-published ‘A Time to Kill.’

    1. Frilly Keane

      Calling the Rebelle Jenny probably addresses that


      Seriously tho
      Could ye not have given her a bit more of a ‘the South will rise again’ wardrobe

      A Rebel bandana would hardly have kill’t ye

      I’m gonna take it that one ‘ve yere artists is from Kilkenny by the rig out

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