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Caoimhín Kelleher in goal for Cork’s Ringmahon Rangers at under-16 level

Liverpool FC’s Cork-born goalie Caoimhín Kelleher.

A big hand.

Top pic: Larry Cummins

Yesterday afternoon.

The langer mutant.

Nosy, bossy and fast on its feet.

Earlier: You’re Ruining It For Everyone

This afternoon.

Barrack Street, Cork.

Via Irish Examiner:

Gardaí were at the scene this lunchtime awaiting the arrival of Garda scenes of crime experts. They will undertake an inspection of the discovery in situ in an effort to confirm that the skeletal remains are human and to establish whether the remains are historic or more recent.

Garda probe after discovery of possible human remains in former Cork pub (Irish Examiner)

Fancy a natter?

Pure Daycent Chats with Paddy O’Brien and Noelle Ní Ríagáin.

The opening event of this year’s Pitch’d Circus & Street Arts Festival in Cork

Jean Kearney writes:

Paddy and Noelle are two Master Storytellers and Listeners, who are inviting the public to join them at the Douglas Street Parklet by the Cork Flower Studio for a cuppa and a chat from September 2nd to 5th and 9th to 12th.

How do you feel about where you live, what you love or hate about it, and how do you see it in 100 years? Tell them what the funniest thing that’s happened to you on the streets of Cork, or what’s your favourite Cork expression?
Pure Daycent Chats want to know!

Paddy is a writer, poet and archaeologist, everything within the realms of literature and culture floats his boat, and Noelle performs and collaborates with people across many different art forms and is a lover of mythology, folklore, and people’s personal stories and she knows the importance of “putting the kettle on and having the chat.”

Register for a free chat here

Pitch’d Circus & Street Arts Festival

Kevin Barry and Cork City

This morning.

Writer Kevin Barry on Cork in the current issue of Granta:

If cities are sexed, as Jan Morris believes, then Cork is a male place. Personified further, I would cast him as low-sized, disputatious and stoutly built, a hard-to-knock-over type. He has a haughty demeanour that’s perhaps not entirely earned but he can also, in a kinder light, seem princely.

He is certainly melancholic. He is given to surreal flights and to an antic humour and he is blessed with pleasingly musical speech patterns. He is careful with money. He is in most leanings a liberal. He is fairly cool, usually quite relaxed, and head over heels in love with himself….

….There is a sense when you’re in Cork that the rest of the world is receding. Oh it’s still out there, somewhere, in the noiseless distance, but after a while it fades from view, and it has no more than the wispy quality of a rumour. When you walk across Patrick’s Bridge and the north side of the city lofts itself handsomely into being before you, it is hard to shake the sensation that you’re at the centre of the universe.”

Otis Blue writes:

All that and the U20 All-Ireland hurling title too!


The Raingod’s Green, Dark as Passion (Kevin Barry, Granta)

How dare you.


Climate change ‘electric trees’ in Cork city.


Yes, but how free, etc., etc.


GPO, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1 at Midday.


Tomorrow afternoon.

The National Monument, Cork at 3pm.

Organisers promise a ‘family fun day, low on speeches and high on quality music’.

The Independent Campaign for Truth & Proper Healthcare Spokesperson Diarmaid Ó Cadhla said:

“Speakers at the event will address three core issues:

1. It will call on parents to “Protect Your Children” – Government plans the introduction of vaccines for children as young as 12 years. It will also call for an end to the oppressive face-covering policy in schools, which even denies the right of those with ‘reasonable excuse’ in law not to wear masks.

2. The Rally will call for the full re-opening of our society.

3. Saturday will also see the official launch of a new resource for business people, the Notice to Traders is published by the Irish Council for Human Rights (info@ichr.ie) and will be delivered to every business premises in Cork and nationwide in the coming weeks.

The advice from Government on the proper implementation of face covering laws has been absent, the Notice to Traders will help them avoid unintentional discrimination and consequent liability.”

Rally for Truth & Proper Healthcare