18 thoughts on “‘Twas A Month Before Christmas

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Despite notices, threats, fines and CCTV, people still leave their bags and boxes at the glass bottle collection areas. Would it not make sense to have a bin there?

    1. george

      I saw a show about litter wardens and one of specifically staked out some bottle banks where no bin was provided to fine people. He fined someone for leaving a plastic bag in the gap between two bottle banks when there was no effort made to provide a bin despite the obvious need.

  2. bumba

    Entitled procks couldn’t spend the time it took them to place them on the ground driving to another one that isn’t full? This is why I hate people.

    1. Bingo

      Was there myself yesterday afternoon.
      Walked to ‘bring centre’ in Gullistan Terrace
      Closed on Sundays….
      Walked home with my bags of bottles….

  3. noncanonicalpokemon

    why don’t we do the 5 cent return thing on bottles here? Good idea to prevent litter and gives kids a handy way to get some pocket money.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Absolutely. Plus we could keep a lot of plastics out of landfill if we reverted to glass milk and juice bottles.

      1. meadowlark

        The sheer volume of plastic packaging used in food, drink, toys, appliances, in most things is astonishing. There should be definitely be some sort of drive to reduce the amount of plastic used.

    2. ahjayzis

      Great suggestion.

      But can’t be implemented, they only implement punitary charges to change behaviour, the idea of an incentive for anyone but an oligarch ‘creayshing jerbs’ is alien to them.

  4. All the good ones fly south for winter

    Is there something to be said for reverting back to wooden bottles and wooden packaging.

  5. george

    How about a scales in the bins to determine when they’re full and alert the people who empty them. People could also check in advance if the bottle bank is full.

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