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Colin Longworth writes:

We’re in a bit of a jam. We’re looking for an interior. Think Downtown Abbey (above)/’grand’ interiors to shoot a one-minute short. Two locations have fallen through at the last hour and we need to shoot on Friday (November 27).

Ideally we’d like to shoot in Dublin but we’re open to all locations within reasonable reach. We can travel! We don’t have a huge budget as its a student venture but can offer a token amount for your time. It is a small, four-person crew and should take no longer than four hours, we know exactly what we need to shoot (basic, simple dialogue) and there is no extensive props or rearranging required.

We have the script, we just need the backdrop. We most certainly won’t be in the way and would be wildly appreciative! Please reach me on my Twitter handle @djaxial.


Film shoot – urgent location needed (Reddit)

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33 thoughts on “Grand Backdrop Needed

    1. Neilo

      Never to be confused with Downtown Abby…smelling salts and a replacement monocle were the least of my requirements after viewing this libertine entertainment

        1. Neilo

          A good call on your part. I’m not entirely sure there’s a full-length – ooer – bongo with that title but there’s bound to be, right?

  1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    City Assembly House (Irish Georgian Soc.) South William St, next door to Powerscourt Town house

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Because my gaff is undergoing renovations you could try;

    Castletown House
    Carton House
    Newbridge House
    A number of Dublin hotels with grand drawing rooms – maybe contact a hotelier group?

    Be sure to get a property release.

    1. Colin

      Understandable Digs! And we echo the concerns. However its literally a camera operator, a boom man, myself and the principal. Its a very simple shoot and we’ll be carrying what we use. No rigs, bells or whistles :)

  3. Colin

    Thanks everyone! We’ve made contact with a few of the locations listed here including hotels, and all very accommodating but ultimately had to say no for various reasons :(

    Thank you all for the suggestions, we’ll get cracking on them today!

  4. Ronan

    Ballyseede Castle outside Tralee has a couple of these rooms. It’s a smaller hotel and they may be more willing to let you use one of their rooms.

  5. Arcol

    Castletown House, definitely. Read an interview with the lady who grew up there. Interview took place in the former kitchen (now a cafe) and they asked if it brought back any memories. She said no, as she had never seen the kitchen.

  6. Conorino

    There’s a newish hipster bar at 10 St. Stephen’s Green that has a very grandiose large function room (á la picture above) above the main bar. They don’t use it most weekdays so that’d prob be your best bet for an accomodating venue in Dublin City at short notice.

  7. Jesst

    Hire a reputable location manager. This would be a doddle to them. Stately homes and the like will be very wary of giving access to student types as they’ll presume you have no insurance etc. If you have someone that they’ve dealt with before, professionally, they’re more likely to trust you.

  8. dramaqueenjenny

    The Dawson Hotel on Dawson Street have a big honeymoon suite that is v stately and lush and decorated in a sort of Downton style (like pic above) – might work!

  9. No, the other one

    Clonard house, mullingar. They run a downton experience which is great fun and lovely house too!

  10. JoJoBones

    The Shelbourne? The Adam and Deirdre suites as well as the Constitution room are pretty swanky, as are any conference rooms on the first floor.

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