Temple Of Doom


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Joe Murray, from Afri, writes:

“Here’s a new video we’ve been working on with students from Mount Temple School [U2’s alma mater] in Clontarf, Dublin ahead of the historic Paris climate talks, COP21. Any help appreciated getting the word out. We feel it’s especially important now that the march in Paris is banned.”

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29 thoughts on “Temple Of Doom

  1. David

    No fears about the summit or the climate, lads and lasses. Obama’s going to promise to fix everything.

    No joke – he really is. Just watch him. He’s definitely going to promise.

  2. Cup of tea anyone

    Global Warming is a lot like religion. Most people believe it is real or fake based on faith.
    but even if you don’t believe in it you should still follow the fundamental message.

    With religion its don’t be a d1ck to each other
    With Global warming it is to stop polluting the only place we have to live.

    1. Demon

      If you don’t want to use up the world’s fossil fuels, get out of your car and get on a bike or a bus. Otherwise, you’re just talk.

      1. scottser

        balls. i’ll get out of my car when big biz is made stop brutalising the planet to extract its resources.

          1. eamonn mora

            The USA is still the biggest polluter per head of population. At one point ( i think about 10 years ago) they accounted for 24% of world emissions and 6% of the population. But if you read enough tabloid headlines I could see why you might think Russia and China are the problem. Actually your point of view is an excellent example of how the media manufactures consent.

          2. Spaghetti Hoop

            Eamonn – I was being glib and nimby-ist in response to scottser’s comment ;)

            Know all the facts, thanks, and agree with you.

    2. rugbylane

      Carbon Dioxide isnt ‘Pollution’. Its plant food. The noxious side effects of the mining industry that mines the rare earth metals needed to create the batteries for electric cars – now THAT’S pollution.

  3. eamonn mora

    Why are Afri calling the talks “historic”. It has already been agreed that there will be no legal obligations put on governments. It always amazes me how willing NGO’s are to be consistently lead up the garden path by governments and business when it comes to emissions targets at these summits. It would be of huge benefit if the NGO’s assumed that this time will be no different, treating government words with the disdain they deserve. NGO’s need to harden their language to put more pressure on governments. They wont do that though as they risk upsetting their biggest financial contributors (the governments).

  4. Frenchfarmer

    Let’s call it Catch 23.
    You have a pension and you want it to pay out when you get old.
    You pay in and the money is put in a “Fund”.
    Your pension provider is obliged by law to use this “Fund” to make as much profit as possible for you so they invest in things that make big profits.
    Things that make big profits usually cause death and suffering worldwide.
    Yup it is your money that is funding all this harm.
    Every bullet fired is another coin in your “Fund”.

    1. David

      No reason why such funds can’t be invested in ethical ventures.

      I’m just looking at a list of about 40 ethical and environmental funds; the lowest rate of growth over 5 years is 14.6% and the highest is 96.8% .

      If people with pension funds pressured their fund managers to switch to those, it’d save a lot of bullets.

  5. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Ah, I get it now…
    ‘Global warming’ = Bad
    Pensions = Good

    Pensions > ‘Global warming’.

    Who needs science?

  6. Owen

    Well, you’re going to have some honker of a hangover later! Drinking alone from about 1am to 6.30? Just drinking?

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