Care In The Home


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Migrant Rights Centre Ireland writes:

“Every day, home carers and family carers carry out some of the most important work ever. In this new short film, care providers and recipients talk about their relationships and why quality care should matter to us all.”

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland

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12 thoughts on “Care In The Home

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        Nice try Mick.

        Also nice site, I don’t do tumblr but I’m sure you’ll get a good few followers along the way.

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  1. Bobby

    Nice video, and I have huge respect for caretakers. Many don’t have the option of choosing to help or not and many less well off people struggle to care and to keep on top of their own lives. I would say that the dedication and compassion of this type of labour, as mentioned in video, is tear-jerking. I’m delighted to see that vital care and migration are being conflated, much like access to housing and asylum issues are currently being raised by housing/homeless activists.

    I don’t agree with the phrase, ‘look after our own’. But if I did I would say that my own is people coming from dispossessed backgrounds; from this perspective I share, or have shared much of the angst and anxiety that migrants have to face. But I have strong local connections, family, the right nationality etc which makes it easier for me. It’s been amazing to hear people connecting the issues of work, poverty, climate change, war, migration etc.

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        He’ll never leave, none of us will. The internet’s very own Hotel California…

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  2. Smashmouth

    ‘Every day, home carers and family carers carry out some of the most important work ever.’

    Strange statement

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