Dole To Dealz



This afternoon.

Thomas Street, Dublin 8.

John Gallen writes:

The welfare office on Thomas St is gone and replaced with a Dealz shop (top). Also, a few yards up the road  the other welfare office (above) is being gutted. Dublin 8 is back baby, we don’t need welfare no mo! :)

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32 thoughts on “Dole To Dealz

    1. Anomanomanom

      Nothing crappy about them. But i suppose your the guy who’ll pay double the price somewhere else just so you don’t get the filthy germs of the thrifty on you.

    1. Murtles

      I was thinking the same unless they gutted the whole row of buildings (funeral parlour building is at least 1 storey smaller). Wonder how many years between these pics?

    2. ethereal_myst

      They don’t look like the same buildings because they are different ones….re-read the caption

  1. sycamoreal

    I remember frequenting the Thomas street office for a couple of months during the mid-eighties.
    Some of the long established family firms I’d worked for had succumbed to recession.
    The black economy failed us all and many friends and siblings emigrated, good times

  2. Itchysays

    My favourite conversation, overheard at the hatch next to me in said Welfare Office back in the 80s went something like this….

    So, Mr ******** where exactly did you say you were when you failed to sign on last week ?

    Eh…like I said, I was on me holidays….

    Really, well according to our records and your parole officer, you were on remand in Mountjoy Prison…..!

    Good times…….;)

    1. Mr. T.

      For politically connected people who hid their money from NAMA and the tax man during the recession. They bought the houses and apartments at the bottom of the market in 2012 and are now sitting pretty, having availed of Fine Gael’s Capital Gains Tax exemption for their property owning friends. Those and tech/IT workers who are in a growth business.

      Everyone else is just ticking over, or not at all.

  3. dhaughton99

    From the Poundland Wiki, who own Dealz.

    In February 2013, Cait Reilly, won her case that her local Jobcentre had breached benefit laws by insisting that she work at Poundland to maintain her unemployment benefit payments. The government had to redraft its legislation on the so-called “sector-based work academy” after losing the case. Reilly called her two weeks working unpaid at Poundland “a complete waste of my time”.


  4. Simon

    The “Intreo” office has moved to the big office building on the corner of Cork Street and Ardee Street; formerly occupied by some German online gaming support company whose name escapes me…

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