Stocking Spree


Grey Line Stockings 1 Stockings 2

Stockings for the stocking fillers.

Handmade by Maeve Murphy, who writes:

You were very kind last year to post my handmade Christmas Stockings, which lead to a few sales!

I know they aren’t stocking fillers, but they are Irish handmade stockings to put the stocking fillers in and can be personalised with a name tag.

You can buy them in my Etsy Shop here: or drop me a line on my Facebook page

I’d like to give one (Stocking with name tag personalised) away to the FIRST Broadsheet reader who can explain (below) the origins of the Christmas stocking…


Chirstmas Stockings Handmade By Maeve

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’. No fee.

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7 thoughts on “Stocking Spree

  1. Nikkeboentje

    Very long ago, there lived a poor man and his three very beautiful daughters. He had no money to get his daughters married, and he was worried what would happen to them after his death. He thought they would become prostitutes. Saint Nicholas was passing through when he heard the villagers talking about the girls. St. Nicholas wanted to help, but knew that the old man wouldn’t accept charity. He decided to help in secret. After dark he threw three bags of gold through an open window, one landed in a stocking. When the girls and their father woke up the next morning they found the bags of gold and were, of course, overjoyed. The girls were able to get married and live happily ever after. Other versions of the story say that Saint Nicholas threw the 3 bags of gold directly into the stockings which were hung by the fireplace to dry.
    This led to the custom of children hanging stockings or putting out shoes, eagerly awaiting gifts from Saint Nicholas. Sometimes the story is told with gold balls instead of bags of gold. That is why three gold balls, sometimes represented as oranges, are one of the symbols for St. Nicholas. And so, St. Nicholas is a gift-giver. This is also the origin of 3 gold balls being used as a symbol for pawnbrokers

  2. essexhian

    Santa Claus threw some gold coins down the chimney to a poor family. The daughters ‘s stocking were hanging on the mantlepiece so as to dry for the morning, and the coins fell into them. This is how I heard it anyway.

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