Nure Never Too Young




Terenure, Dublin 6w.

Mick Quinn writes:

A video I shot of the Christmas window at Terenure Office Supplies.the window has become an institution in the local area,the boss [Eoin Bedford] and his family put a huge amount of work into it, with Santa giving out presents to the kids too…

Fair play, in fairness.

5 thoughts on “Nure Never Too Young

  1. stephen

    This is what christmas windows should be, Fupp you Brown Thomas, I used to look forward to going to see Switzers windows.

  2. munkifisht

    I remember going to Switzer’s (that Brown Thomas to you kids) to see the displays before we’d go into visit Santa when I was a lad. Was really magical. Not the in your face, soulless and utterly disappointing advert it is today.

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