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  1. nellyb

    Fr Thomas Finnegan advise, just as practical, on how to deal with desire to kiss:
    “If you are the athletic type of girl, pretend to yourself that an uncle has given you money to buy a car with. By the time you have decided between the relative merits of a Morris Minor and a Ford Anglia the bad thoughts will be forgotten”

      1. Shanti

        I never saw the video, we were treated to the real thing.. Who told us all sorts of nonsense.. Wish I could remember specifics, I do remember having a conversation with my mother afterwards about all the stuff she got wrong anyway. Mammy was most unimpressed.

  2. St. John Smythe

    The man slips his penis into the vagina once, which is already slippery (it’s amazing how God made it), gives the woman his sperm – now she has it – and then he slips his penis out… AND. THAT’S. ALL.

  3. realPolithicks

    Jaysus that was scary. Having said that, the only sex ed I got back in the late 70’s was from the guidance counselor in school (he showed me a condom and asked me if I knew what it was..that was it)…funnily enough, he’s now a Labour TD in Ballyfermot. Happy dayz.

  4. Audrey

    We were shown this video in 5th class (2002) by a nurse who told us she’d kick anyone who laughed out of the class… Bizarre.

  5. Nice Anne {Dammit}

    I never saw this and I am a bit unerved that it was shown to 10 year olds.

    In the late 80s, myself and the rest of first year had our first day of sex-ed from a old Priest who told us that kissing and dancing close with a boy was a slippery slope to an unwanted pregnancy. He left more than one girl confused and the rest downright upset. We were apparantly the keepers of male morality as men have no self – control donchaknow?

    Day 2 and this younger priest turned up and he was fantastic. We had a proper talk with him – no, kissing can’t get you pregnant, gay people were not going to hell, yes, he had kissed a woman, yes, celibacy was hard but the lonliness was harder, yes, men could control themselves and wouldn’t be chasing poor girls down the street every time they got an erection. A very decent lovely human being.

    Anyhow, the older priest drank himself to death and the younger priest had a baby with a woman who he left the priesthood and married. I am sure all sorts of infrances could be drawn from that but years later, here is the only one I see. Sex made one happy and the lack of sex (and companionship) made the other miserable.

    Imagine if all you had in your life was to scare the bejaysus out of gullible teenagers telling them lies about sex. Sad.

  6. italia'90

    I have to admit it was difficult, but I got there in the end.
    Will there be more videos over the holidays Bodger?

    Happy Christmas.

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