Coming Over Here


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Omar Sarhan writes:

New map on migration, my first in 2016, based on older (pre-2015 refugee) figures, but I think the patterning is pretty interesting and echos other maps I’ve created, an obvious split between EU and Eurozone member states.

18 thoughts on “Coming Over Here

    1. some old queen

      We’ll let you pop up and break the news that you plan to introduce border controls to the people of North Louth and South Armagh.

      Don’t worry about getting home.

  1. H

    The figures make very interesting reading, in many cases the migrants are from neighbouring countries or traditional allies while in others you can see historic links from ex-colonies, or in Ireland’s case, places we sent missions.

  2. ahjayzis

    Does this mean we’ve like double the % of non-Irish EU citizens living here than Britain? With all the fuss they’re making about it?!

  3. Fair's fair, like

    Would I be right in guessing that the largest part of the high Irish number is due to people from Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

    1. Omar S.

      The source data actually shows the breakdown for the top 5 countries, interesting ethnographic, language, religious and economic dynamics to many of the movements. I may map this up over the weekend. Each country really does tell a a different story.
      I will keep an eye out for updated data over the year, I think 2015 was pivotal in terms of movements and new actors arriving from outside Europe. The data will tell quite the story.

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