Broadsheet Trailer Park: Free State Of Jones



What you may need to know:

1. Farmer Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey) leads an armed rebellion against the Confederacy during the American Civil War. Knight establishes an independent community in Mississippi with wife and former slave Rachel (Belle’s Gugu Mbatha-Raw).

2. Must. Not. Mention. McConaissance. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past was a mere six years ago.

3. You know those trailers that give too much away? It’s one of those.

4. McConaughey has no fewer than four movies on the slate for 2016. Two are animated, but still. Down boy.

5. Broadsheet prognosis: Alright alright.

Release Date: May 27.

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7 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Free State Of Jones

        1. Neilo

          You don’t get on that plane, you’re gonna suffer from fistofuppin’phobia.

          Is that Moron Number 2? Put Moron Number 1 on the phone.

          Midnight Run is absolutely underrated.

  1. Fergus the magic postman

    I’ve always found it impossible to say the nameMatthew McConaughey aloud without saying it: Maytthewwww McConnnnaaawwwwwheyyy.

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