15 thoughts on “The Jean Genie

  1. some old queen

    Is this not just her usual gear? This is someone who once celebrated the feast of the immaculate conception in a leather and rubber outfit after all.

    The only woman in Ireland who can upstage Panti.

    1. Mikeyfex

      Did you watch til the end? Where she locked eyes with the camera and gave a ‘you mad, bro?’ look as she shuddered into a hover and slowly rose out of the top of the screen? I’m sure there’s a vine of it there somewhere.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Hah! …in fairness I thought she looked a tad awkward when she first came on screen… all elbows, or so it appeared to me :) …accentuated by that ‘puff’ in the hips of the dress :)

        *puff – I ain’t no dress maker, didn’t know what else to call it :)

        1. Anne

          Saw her last night.. I don’t think it was awkwardness. She was doing these exaggerated robotic movements and holds her big manky ring on her finger to the camera at the end. She was either having a laugh, or she’s nuts.. I’m not sure which.

          I recall her saying her outfits are designer made.. She probably hasn’t a pot to p*ss in, with the cost of these manky rigouts.

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